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You Can Develop These Habits in Less than One Month


It has been stated that developing a habit will about 18 to 254 day. And for half of the people, it would take about 66 days or longer.

So, shall we challenge ourselves to develop habits in less than a month? Sure, it’s not going to be an easy task, but we can get there with determination and persistence.

To make anything a healthy habit, you must know how to inculcate it in your life. The way to adopt and practice will influence on how the habit will stay with you.

We attempted to list ways to adopt healthy and persistent habits that will impact your growth and development.

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When people adopt habits newly, they tend to practice them once a day. But the secret behind your habit to stay impactful on you is that you must increase the number of times you are doing something.

When you encounter your new habit frequently, it will quickly enter your lifestyle.

You must try to increase the number of repetitions in your habits.

It’s a fact that habits are formed when they are repeated over and over every day. Think about your habits. Aren’t they the things you do so often that sometimes you forget if you are doing them or not?

That’s why you must focus on repeating your habits. With more repetition, you will make it your habit in a short period.

If you want to start developing a new habit, let’s say getting up early and having a morning ritual, then you must take every day seriously. In 30 days, you will have 30 mornings to get up early and do your own little thing.

If it’s about exercising, you can break down your exercises into a few minutes of workout sessions and do them every day.

Exercising every day is a great habit. There are various times of the day you can exercise. You can plan according to your schedule. Do it as often as you can.

A research stated that you must repeat a habit a dozen times a day to connect with it.

If you want to have any new habit, try to practice it more than thirteen times. It seems that it will make you mindful and will make it to your everyday routine.

It seems that the number of times you repeat a habit will depend on how impactful your habit will turn out to be. This is what makes it successful in making you finally develop it into a habit.

The next few ways will also depend on the number of repetitions you do every day.


You must determine that some of your habits cannot be determined because of their scale. 

For example, getting up early is a one-time thing. You can’t sleep and get up early in one day. So mist spends 30 days to repeat this routine. 

Another aspect is that you must start small with your big goals. If you want to write a book, then you must start writing small. Start writing 2000 words every day.

If you are not a writer, then it might take you longer to settle it. Don’t worry. You can also start with 200 words. Progress is all that matters. While you improve, you can start writing more and more and slowly write longer paragraphs and pages.

You should be able to calculate the time you take to write. If you can write 200 words in 10 to 20 minutes, then calculate how much you can write in two hours or four hours a day.

By writing every day, you will grasp the speed. Writing will also deal with the mind. You will be capable to write if your mind is working. Let the thoughts flow. Write more at times you feel very motivated. 

You must make it a repeatable habit. You might not feel motivated every day to spend 2-4 hours on writing. This can’t be a habit if you write for so long because writing a book is more about creativity. 

Try to break it down to fifty or a hundred words. This way, you can do much better on the quality of your writing too.

Because you are trying to make it a habit, start less, and enjoy your new habit. Spending hours together might not create so much impact on your habit as it wouldn’t stay constant.

The habits you can develop in less than a month should be

1. Small: A small habit that could impact greatly on your life. Or a small habit that could positively impact your life by changing It a little bit.

No matter what kind of habit you want to develop, if it’s a small habit, you will be able to do it more often, at times you are free, and at times you take breaks.

Cultivate repetition of your habit to make it dwell upon you. Try to increase the numbers of your repetition and see how the habit grows on you.

2. Which are easy for you to do:

Try to do things that are easy for you and the ones you are capable of. Going mountaineering can’t be an everyday thing. You must consider what is easy for you. Choose a realistic habit.

3. You must have a clear goal:

When you have a clear goal, you will. Be determined very much about your habits. Having a clear goal is the motivation aspect. You will feel stronger to do it every day.

Thinking about your goals every day will imprint and push you forward to be your best.

Use these ways to implement some of the world’s best habits that will contribute to your self-development. Investing in developing habits and skills will never disappoint you. It’s not even wasting time. Your future self will be very proud of you inculcate some of the healthiest and smartest habits.

See your life evolving into a great journey. If you can get hold of implementing habits, you can achieve all your goals.