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These Apps Will Help You With Your Personal Development.


Most people assume that Personal Development needs a lot of work, and they don’t include it on their daily or weekly list.

But Personal Development is needed for every person. It will help you grow and achieve your dreams.

Your success truly depends on how you execute your plans towards your dreams. 

With healthy Personal development habits, you will be able to expand your territories. Your mind becomes stronger, and you will see that your capabilities become wider.

You will find yourself embracing difference.

Personal development habits are supposed to be accessible to all people. People should be aware of how they can get through personal development by themselves.

If you want progressive personal development, you should know to be motivated and determined about your goals. 

Motivation plays a great role. You might be enthusiastic about reaching your goals in the first few days, but your enthusiasm may fade away eventually. 

But imagine you have a partner who accompanies you with your daily tasks. It could be fun and motivating too.

If you have a progress tracker, you will tend to be dedicated to your work and progress. 

We are listing some of the most efficient apps that will be your best friend while you focus on your personal development.

Your personal development habits can be built and will help you in various areas of your life.

Most of us use our phones regularly, and some of us might spend a little too much on our phones; we should use them for the best anyway, right?

Check out which of these apps could be ideal for you and get them to change your life.

1. Libby: 

Libby is a world of books. This app connects your library card and helps you get access to eBooks and audiobooks, and all of this for a cost of nothing.

Yes, it’s free. It’s just like how you enter a library and access all the books you are surrounded with.

Aren’t you feeling happy about it?

If you are an avid reader or trying to find a good read, then this is a great advantage for you.

What’s big is that in today’s world, it is harder to find time to read. But Libby has solved that problem for all of us.

Also, thanks to technology, we got introduced to audiobooks.

Listening to audiobooks while doing our everyday chores, traveling to work or school has become even more enjoyable.

Now, aren’t you feeling even more enthusiastic about it?

Libby also has a great number of self-help books that work wonderfully in your life.

Transform your life by reading or listening to books.

Books are knowledge houses that give us so much comfort and wisdom. Sit tight and learn something new every day. Personal development that involves a lot of books is a fast progressive process.


Loop is a habit tracker that will keep you in check of your habits. You will be able to look at how you are spending your days and what habits you cannot get rid of.

Everybody will have habits that are helpful to them, and some would be considered to be bad habits that ruin the progress of your happy life.

With Loop habit tracker, you can focus on building up good habits and slowly eradicating the bad habits from your life.

This is a good app, mostly if the paper habit tracker doesn’t work. The machines are always active and keep reminding you of what to do, and hence they are very effective.

Make sure to keep the Loop app on the main screen to check how well you are doing your tasks.

The app also helps you take down your goals and accomplishment. It encourages you to move forward just like your best friend giving you support to do your thing.

The app will leave you with a positive influence to be consistent and determined to fulfil your goals.


Headspace will keep you mindful. You will be able to explore your spiritual self by meditating.

Meditation is a game-changer for many people when your body and mind are ready to accomplish all your goals with utmost concentration and will power.

Headspace has a free trial for you to check on how useful this app will be on your mental health. Try it out and see what meditation can do to you. 

We are aware that meditation needn’t be an all-day activity. It could be for five minutes or more according to how much you want your brain and body to be relaxed and calming.

Some meditations help you to sleep well too. Different kinds of meditation deal with different aspects.

4. 7 Minute Workout:

7minute workout is similar to meditating. When we talk about work out, we think it needs a lot of preparation and strength to take it up.

Just like there is no proper limit for meditation, the workout does have to be hours long. You can work it out in bits, and it will still be very effective.

This is more advantageous for people running out of time.

Working-out rejuvenates our mind and body.

This 7-minute workout is designed in a way that it’ll help you with both timings a structure.

So, if you get a short break, don’t open Netflix, open a 7-minute workout, and improve your health instead.

5. Lumosity:

Lumosity is providing you with several games that will help you train your brain well.

The mind games are always refreshing. 

We might be living our same routine lives that our brain gets accustomed to the same thing all over again. These brain games will be energy boosters to our brain cells.

What does Instagram give you? But we spend a lot of time just looking at various posts on Instagram that do not help us even a little bit. 

It’s time for you to switch your habits. Choose Lumosity instead to expand your mind.

Personal Development is not something to gain completely online. But as we live in a world of technology and have little to no time to share every day, these apps will help us keep in touch with personality development a little. They can be consumed on busy days too or every day if possible.

Try and see which of these apps capture your attention for longer.