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Self-Care isn’t Selfish; It’s all about growing well.


Most people seem to have the common idea about self-care being selfish, which is a wrong conceptualisation. 

It doesn’t mean that taking care of yourself means you are ignoring the other people in your life nor you are being voracious.

Now remember this well, Self-care is not about being selfish even by one per cent. Self-care is all about knowing yourself well and taking good care of your mind and body.

As a human, we definitely are capable of making ourselves better. And improvement is possible only when you make efforts.

Yes, you have to spend time on yourself. It’s not greedy; it’s a necessity. 

Many people don’t understand how much self-care impacts one’s life, and that’s why we are here to make it louder.

Louder so that you become confident about taking great care of yourself.

If you don’t take proper care of yourself, who else will?

We always need to think about the fact that not always we can rely on other people to comfort and support us.

There are times maybe more frequently when you have to fight your own battles. Especially when you grow older, you might be by yourself always.

This is why you need more substantial support from within and that which stays with you till the end.

It will be great if people start adapting to spending time knowing themselves, giving all the care, and prioritising themselves from a very young age. 

Anxiety and trauma are the most dreadful illnesses that eat away hundreds of lives. 

Being self-aware and talking self-care will make you stronger and healthier.

All that you need is always within you. Go and discover yourself. There’s nothing like a limited time for you to know yourself fully. Self-awareness and self-care should be an ongoing process. You need to embrace it as often as possible to be the best version of yourself.

In short, Self-care is about taking care of your mental, physical, social and spiritual self.

From the smallest treats to the biggest, one should be dedicated to giving themselves the best in the world.

You should be enough for yourself, and that’s important. 

Self-care helping you get rid of the hard times:

Sometimes we feel alone and sad. Sometimes we are stressed about work. We tend to have a lot of pressure. Self-care will pull us out of all these draining aspects in life.

Feeling tired and exhausted is a common thing everybody in the world faces. But not everyone is aware of the free therapy that they could get instantly.

  • Now that is self-care.
  • Taking care of yourself will:
  • Calm your mind and soul.
  • Rejuvenates your body and recharges it.
  • Makes you have healthy and positive thoughts.
  • You will explore and discover yourself.

There’s no better way to reach the highest point in life without walking the path of knowing thyself.

It’s absolutely a simple thing to include in your life.

If you are getting started or want to explore more about self-care, you are in the right place.

We are bringing some of the most efficient ideas that you can start with right away.

1. Early to bed and early to rise:

Your sleep schedule is an essential aspect of your life. Getting enough sleep is necessary. You need to make sure to go to bed at a fixed time every night. And also start waking up early. Too much rest will make you lazy.

If you stick to a fixed schedule, you will be good to maintain a healthy sleeping habit.

When you get up early, go for a walk or water your plants or do yoga. Starting your day with the energising and soulful actions will make your day brighter.

Before you go to bed, make sure that you keep your mobile and other devices away at least an hour before sleeping.

The best way is to read a book and sleep. It not only helps you with vocabulary but also enhances your imagination.

2. Eat healthily and keep yourself hydrated:

To stay healthy, you need to give your body the best. Fresh fruits and vegetables always contribute to your best health. Add greens to most of your meals. And avoid junk food at all costs. 

When you invest in good health, you will prosper well in the late stages of your life. 

Water is another essential component that you need to be sure of taking well. Drink lots it helps you in ways you’ve never imagined.

3. Treat yourself sometimes:

Go out on walks on streets you like, go to a cafe, order food and drinks you like the most. Go on little trips with yourself. Spending time with yourself will refresh you very much. And when you reward yourself, you are motivating yourself to do better every time.

4. Journal/Keep a record:

If you are not into writing, then take pictures of how your day is going. Take photographs or videos of moments that are important to you. When you look back at these, you will feel happy.

Journaling is a good habit. Your future self will understand your perspectives. Also, you can know how you’ve developed over time. This is the best firm of self-improvement.

5. Keep your surroundings clean and organised: 

When an adequate space surrounds you, you will tend to be more thoughtful and creative.

So, clean your room regularly and keep all your things in place. Working or studying with messy surroundings can be very distracting. It is proved that you become more productive when you are in a clean space.

6. Spending time with your loved one:

In today’s world, it’s so hard to spend proper time with our family. Everyone is busy with their own thing. But try to pull time out of your busy life to spend it with people close to you. It’s essential and necessary for you and them.

Give yourself the love and affection that you tend to crave from someone. Respect and love are the two bonding aspects, and you need to give it to yourself.

You will be able to do the best for yourself. Make it a point to spend quality time for yourself. Like said before, investing in self-care will enable you to live a happy and prosperous life.