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Personal Development is essential for Students to improve their Mental Health.


Some posts and writings make fun of anxious graduate students who are overwhelmed with their next steps in their lives.

Half of the internet is full of a troll. And graduate students will look at these posts react in two ways; one is where they find it relatable and laugh about it while the other is where they get more anxious and think that their life is a joke.

The second reaction is what scares us. These students will fall in a pit hole, assuming that the internet is the real world. 

The worry is that the internet is masking real-life concerns, especially about mental health behind laughter. How far is this going to be okay in the world?

We can’t blame anybody here. Everybody has access to the internet, and there are always many things happening on that platform.

Every day there is so much hate that goes around. 

The online hate and cyberbullying have cost a lot of lives.

College adds stress to its students. Sure, the students feel a lot of pressure about academics and on the other hand about what they must do after graduation.

Sadly, most of the graduates finish college with a more impactful dilemma than the actual degree earned in the college.

Students from across the globe seem to be going through the same thing. And it’s hurtful and horrifying to see how much it impacts the lives of the students.

College life is something that is bridging childhood and adulthood. 

While walking through the bridge, the student will encounter a lot of changes. 

From moving to new cities and lacking social connections to feeling overwhelmed with the lectures and research papers. It’s unavoidable that students have to go through this.

Some students can pull themselves from the slump but some if they get buried by overthinking and drinking seven pints of anxiety.

There are times where students lose their motivation and their creative self. Their hobbies and interests are forgotten, which is saddening.

Particular focus on the graduate students who seem to be drained in stress and anxiety throughout their final year. Records and surveys said that almost more than 40% of students, especially the international students claim that they suffer from anxiety and affect their well-being.

The students feel the pressure so much that the suicide rates are drastically high among the graduates.

The mental issues have been like significant blockade for most graduates. 

The students must be introduced to methods right from their college years to stay mentally healthy.

Personal development programs are essential for students. It will help them relax and understand themselves better.

The personal development plans have worked wonders for most anxious people, and the students could enthusiastically participate in developing themselves.

The young minds need support and monitoring. They must grow up to be greater citizens of the world. We must protect them at all costs. And if they face problems with their mental issues, then we must find the right way to help them out of it.

Stress and anxiety are the worst illnesses that eat away people. At this point, there is nothing more essential and greater than personal development.

It will help them explore and discover what they are.

The students will also tend to develop strong physical, mental and spiritual self.

As these youngsters head toward adulting, they should find lifetime support from themselves.

They should be shaped in a way that they would be enough and self-sufficient to help themselves at all times. 

There is no better thing to be thought than that.

Self-love and self-care should be emphasised. These are the concepts that are usually overlooked, and most of the students lack self-awareness. 

Without knowing who you are, it’s impossible to survive in this world. 

Your mental health improves on changing how you look at yourself and your world.

You must make your mind positive.

Understanding the world around you will make you look at things from a broader perspective.

Another critical point is that the students should not take the world’s concepts and ideas to be the perfect ways in life.

When their mind is broadened, they will understand how things work in the world.

It’s very much needed that these students explore and discover the world and meaning if life.

Their life should not revolve around academics and research papers. Real-life lessons will help them discover who they are and what their purpose in the world is.

Exploring ideas like this will improve their mental health in the best way possible.

The colleges should hold regular training and workshops for the students to refresh their minds.

Holding these activities often will help the students relax and work as a de-stress. The students will be diverted from their normal pressure and stress. 

Courses like Yoga and mindfulness training should be implemented with the graduate programs.

Yoga and meditation will clear their mind and help them feel better about everything.

Whatever is stuck or worrying them, with mindful meditation and yoga, the students will think about being healthy physically and mentally.

The academic advisers should be trained to care for students’ mental health. 

Most teachers don’t receive much or any training regarding taking care of students’ mental health.

Academic trainers must learn about mental health to understand their students and spot the students struggling with pressure and anxiety. 

It is known that their primary role is to teach the students and help them excel in academics. However, another side gives students psychological support, guidance, and assistance to students who are going through a hard time. 

Some teachers tend to look after their students and check on them from time to time about their well-being. This truly is a choice. 

Since the world has evolved in ways, we can’t control it would be best if the teachers are trained to do so. This will make a huge difference in their learning aspect too.

The mental problem has clear visibility now, and that’s why we can find a lot of new solutions for these problems that pertained for so long.